The Museum of Forestry – open throughout the year

Exhibition: Views - as far as the eye can see

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The Museum of Forestry is home to a number of exhibitions showing the development of the forestry industry from the perspective of both workers and the industry itself, following the gradual change from using axes, saws and chainsaws to the use of massive forwarders and harvesters.

Our exhibitions let you interact with the people who made a living of and from the forest itself, thus allowing you to learn a bit more about loggers, cooks, log drivers, the Saami, crofters and machine operators. 

The exhibition has been divided into two parts that are showcased in two different buildings which have been named “The Era of Axes” and “the Era of Logging Machines”. In addition to objects, films and photographs connected to the forestry industry, we house a unique collection of Saami artifacts, which are showcased, in part, in the exhibition “The Forest Saami”. The museum is also home to a large entomological collection.

The exhibitions are popular both with older and younger audiences, and in the Children’s Area, our aim is to give children a chance to learn about the forestry industry in a playful, explorative way.

If you are on the look-out for a unique place to host a conference, we are able to assist you as well; our buildings offer a newly renovated conference room overlooking the river, all whilst being fully equipped with the latest in high-tech.

The Museum of Forestry is idyllically situated on a peninsula in the Ume River, sharing its grounds with the local outdoors museum Gammplatsen – “the Old Place”.

Lycksele was originally situated here, something we know for sure, thanks to the many remains of houses and Saami settlements that have been found here. Thanks to this, you are able to experience not just the Museum of Forestry during your visit, but also the Ethnobotanic Garden of Lapland, a natural reserve, a Saami settlement and museums of hunting as well as postal and telegraphic services.

During high season, from the 15th of June to the 25th of August, we are open daily from 10am to 5pm. The rest of the year, the museum is open on Tuesdays through Saturdays from 12am to 4pm.